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Locksmith Glen Ellyn: Keyless Entry System Benefits

Many people are familiar today with keyless entry. This is becoming more and more popular as technology continues to advance. Often times, apartment buildings or condos will require one to enter a passcode or scan a card to gain access. Some offices use keyless entry. Even vacation resorts take advantage of keyless entry – did you know that Disney World now uses a device called a “Magic Band” to allow access to their theme parks? The primary idea behind keyless entry systems is that a key is no longer required.

Locksmith Glen Ellyn is based in Glen Ellyn, IL and offers keyless entry as a service to customers. There are certainly pros and cons to this sort of system, but it seems as though the pros outweigh the cons. Here, we will take a look at some of the benefits of keyless entry systems. This will provide insight as to why this system is so popular today!

Why Go Keyless?

There are many reasons why keyless locks are so popular and why one might consider going keyless. It’s actually relatively affordable. You might be looking at just over $30 for a vehicle security remote start/keyless entry locks plug install, for example. A Kwikset electronic keypad deadbolt lock might run just under $80 on Amazon. People are often impressed with how low-priced keyless entry systems are. So, now that you know keyless entry could fit into your budget, let’s take a look at why so many people are going keyless.

  1. This system offers additional security.

    Keyless entry allows for only specific persons to be able to enter a property, so unauthorized individuals are prevented from gaining entry to your property. With keyless entry systems, you don’t have to remember who has a key, and you don’t have to worry about a key being stolen and copies being made. The peace of mind offered by keyless entry is wonderful.
  2. With keyless entry, you don’t have to worry about scratching up a car door or front door.

    It is so easy to scratch up your car if you go to put the key into the lock. If it’s dark out, you might not be able to see well enough to avoid scratching the car. The same can be said about building entry.
  3. Keyless systems offer convenience to those who use them.

    Carrying around several keys presents numerous problems. Let’s say that the average person walks around with a house key, office key, mailbox key and gym key. Too many keys can put weight on your ignition cylinder while you are driving. Too many keys can mean that one is easily misplaced. That’s one type of inconvenience that having too many keys presents. Now let’s say you are fumbling around with your keys to try to get into your car while it is pouring rain. You don’t want to get soaked! If you have keyless entry, you can simply enter a code or scan a card. Doesn’t this seem like a much more effective solution than digging around for keys? With cars, you can push a button and the car door is unlocked. You don’t even have to remember which key is for what.
  4. Keyless entry can let you know where your employees are, and when.

    Keyless entry systems do more than just keep unwanted persons out of your property. They can also help you to keep track of certain individuals. This might be useful for a business. It is always better to be safe than sorry. If you own a large commercial property and have many employees to keep track of, this is one way you can do this. If something were to get stolen, you might have a better idea of who was in that specific room.
  5. Keyless entry offers safety.

    Let’s say you are in a parking lot fumbling for your car key. A criminal could see you are not paying attention. This would not be a good or safe situation. With keyless entry, you can unlock your car door from a few feet away and hop in fast. Keyless entry allows, basically, for quicker entry into your vehicle. No one wants to have to consider a worst-case scenario, but unfortunately, it’s better to plan ahead and avoid certain situations, if possible.
  6. You can save time and of course money by avoiding the need to rekey locks.

    Keyless entry systems mean you can avoid having to rekey locks. If you have an employee leave your company, you don’t have to fear that they might have had their copy of their business key get stolen or duplicated. You can simply change the passcode for the keyless entry system, which will just take a few seconds to do! You won’t have to pay an expert to come out and rekey the lock. Keyless entry definitely offers financial perks to companies that might experience high turnover.

Keyless Entry: Futuristic Technology in the Palm of Your Hand

Keyless entry systems are a wonderful way to better secure your property. You don’t have to worry about a key being copied and used for forced entry. It is far more difficult to compromise a keyless entry system than it is to compromise the locking mechanism provided by a standard lock and key. Keyless entry is certainly modifying the manner in which public spaces are utilized today. Have you heard of self-powered electronic locks? What about mechanical push button locks? There are so many different options now.

Would you like more information on keyless entry and why it is a recommended solution? If you happen to be in or near Glen Ellyn, Illinois be sure to contact Locksmith Glen Ellyn for assistance. If you live elsewhere in the USA, look up a locksmith in your area. It is certainly worth taking a closer look into this convenient solution, especially if you are looking for convenience, affordability and extra property protection. You can’t be too safe in this day and age. Go keyless! Learn more about keyless entry systems by talking with your local locksmith at your convenience. The future is here!